Don’t Let Lazada and Shopee Empty Your Wallet!

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Hey there, awesome halal life hackers! Today, I’m pumped to chat about something that hits close to home, smart shopping and –

the tempting world of e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee, or the allure of social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, where impulse buying can quickly drain our wallets.

So, gather around, because we’re about to embark on Halal smart shopping tips for budget-savvy Muslim consumers and a money-saving journey together!

Imagine this – you’re scrolling through your favorite e-commerce app or social media feed, and boom!

There it is – the latest smartphone, sleek house appliances, and those gorgeous dresses, including stunning Muslim dresses.

Your heart starts racing, and you’re tempted to hit that “buy now” button. I feel you, I’ve been there too!

The Smart Shopping Mantra: “If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!”

But let’s take a step back and remember the mantra – “If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!” It’s the golden rule to keep our finances in check.

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So, before we dive into tips on how to save and budget, let’s draw inspiration from the minimalist lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

In the Islamic tradition, the Prophet (SAW) led a simple and humble life, emphasizing contentment and detachment from material possessions.

He taught us to focus on what truly matters—our relationships with Allah, the Qur’an, and others.

Living modestly and simply is an essential aspect of faith.

Prophet (SAW) minimalist way of life was a shining example of how we can find joy and peace in the little things.

Instead of being consumed by the desire for worldly possessions, he cherished the beauty of nature, the love of family, and the bonds of friendship.

So, how can we apply this wisdom to our modern lives? Let’s take a page from the Prophet’s book and learn to be content with what we have.

Sure, that new smartphone or fancy house appliance looks cool, but do we really need them to be happy?

Mindful-online-smart-shopping.jpg. an hijabi girl looking at her laptop online shopping with a graphic of a mobile phone with online shop items. Halal smart shopping

Don’t get me wrong—new smartphones, trending bags, dresses, and makeup, and new accessories, electronics, home goods, and health and fitness products are cool (and useful in some way),

but we want to make sure we’re making wise choices.

If you’ve been saving up for that smartphone and it fits your needs, go ahead and treat yourself!

Planning and patience are the keys to success. You only live once (YOLO), as they say, so go for it; you deserve it!

Tips to Avoid Impulse Buying

Now, let’s tackle that impulse-buying monster!

Tips to Avoid Impulsive Buying

We’ve all been there—making hasty purchases and regretting them later.

Here’s a nifty trick to avoid those impulse buys: the 24-hour rule.

When you spot something you want, don’t hit that “buy now” button just yet; instead, add it to your cart.

Wait for 24 hours or more and ask yourself if you still feel the same way.

You’ll be amazed at how many impulsive purchases you avoid!

Before making a purchase, ask yourself: Is this smartphone a need or a want?

Be mindful of your intentions and make sure you’re not buying things just to impress others.

Our dear Prophet SAW taught us to lead a simple life, and that’s a Sunnah worth following!

Abu Umamah reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, simple living is part of faith, simple living is part of faith,” meaning asceticism.

Source: Sunan Abī Dāwūd 4161
Smart-Shopping.jpg image, with a quoted Sunnah of the Phophet Muhammad (SAW) that says "The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, simple living is part of faith, simple living is part of faith,” 
-Abu Umamah reported-. the image has a slogan that says "Embracing Simplicity and Smart Shopping" in a yellow colored picture Halal smart shopping

Embracing Simplicity and Smart Shopping

Speaking of simplicity, let’s dive into something beautiful—Muslim dresses.

Ladies, I hear you! Those stunning dresses can be so captivating.

But fret not, my fabulous fashionistas, for you can still embrace the latest trends while staying true to the Sunnah.

Muslim dresses are a reflection of elegance and modesty, and it’s wonderful to have a few in your wardrobe.

When shopping for them, keep in mind the Prophet SAW’s teachings about simplicity and humility.

Opt for dresses that align with your faith and values, making you feel confident and comfortable.

Oh, and let’s not forget thrift shops—they’re like hidden gems for unique and budget-friendly Muslim dresses!

You’ll discover a treasure trove of stunning outfits while staying within your budget.

The Prophet SAW would surely approve of this halal smart shopping approach!

Budgeting for Young Adults

Budgeting is your trusty sidekick on this money-saving adventure.

So, let’s get down to business and plan how to make the most of our hard-earned pesos.

If you’re starting out as a young adult, household products may spark your interest.

Halal smart shopping and Budgetting image

Here’s a simple budgeting breakdown for an average monthly salary of 10,000 pesos:

  • Essential Expenses (50%): Allocate half of your salary for necessities like rent, utilities, transportation, and groceries. Prioritize needs over wants!
  • Savings and Investments (20%): Follow the Prophet’s Sunnah of saving a portion of your earnings. Set aside 20% of your salary for future goals and emergencies.
  • Personal Expenses (15%): Give yourself some freedom to enjoy life’s little pleasures. Use 15% of your salary for leisure activities, hobbies, and treats.
  • Debt Repayment (10%): If you have debts, aim to clear them gradually. Use 10% of your salary to tackle outstanding loans and credit card balances.
  • Giving Back (5%): In the spirit of generosity, follow the tradition of giving back to those in need. Dedicate 5% of your salary to charity or helping others. Always remember our obligatory nisab, which is 2.5% of our wealth we must pay as Zakat.

Now that you have a budget in place, let’s maximize your savings power!

Remember those e-commerce platforms and social media sites we talked about?

They can be both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, they offer convenience and great deals, but on the other hand, they tempt us to overspend.

Navigating Online Temptations

Online-Temptation. a hand pressing keys on the keyboard of a laptop, online shopping, with a coffee mug on the side. Halal smart shopping

Here are some tips to navigate these online temptations:

  • Make a Shopping List: When you head online, have a clear shopping list in mind. Stick to what you need, and avoid wandering into the “want” zone.
  • Compare Prices: Before hitting that “buy” button, compare prices across different platforms to ensure you get the best deal.
  • Embrace Vouchers and Discounts: Look out for voucher codes and discounts to score extra savings on your purchases.
  • Shop Mindfully: Practice mindfulness while shopping. Ask yourself if the item aligns with your needs and values.
  • Limit Impulse Browsing: Set a timer for your social media or e-commerce sessions to avoid getting lost in the endless sea of products.

By adopting these tips and incorporating the wisdom of the Prophet (SAW), we can strike a balance between enjoying the pleasures of life and being responsible with our finances.

Final Thoughts

So, my fantastic halal life hacker, let’s embark on this minimalist journey together!

Embrace contentment, budget wisely, and remember – “If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!”

With a little determination and a dash of self-control, we’ll conquer the world of smart spending and live our best lives.

shopping your daily needs, a smiling girl holding a smart phone and listing items for online shopping. Halal smart shopping

And remember, just like our beloved Prophet SAW, let’s lead a life filled with simplicity, humility, and gratitude.

May our choices be a reflection of the values we hold dear.

Now, go forth and conquer the world of halal smart shopping, my fabulous friends also, visit our other halal blogs!

Until next time, stay stylish, stay budget-savvy, and stay true to the beautiful Sunnah of our dear Prophet Muhammad SAW! 🌟

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